The crayon may colour the world, but the highlighter brightens it.

The worst part about having one of the most amazing nights of your life, is the fact that it’s over the next day, turning it into an untouchable memory that tends to blur with the fading of time. However, on Saturday, June 14th, Sunshine Park will be hosting its first Highlighter Graffiti Party, to give you an event that stands out for one important reason: the next day, whether your night was a blur or a perfectly clear vision of how painfully amazing it was, you will have something to keep with you as a reminder of the time you had, friends you made, and songs you listened to forever… bringing you back to that one night, to that perfect cluster of good experiences.

Your white T-shirt will become a fresh page, a blank canvas to create memories and art on. Your body and white clothing you’d like to turn into a piece of memorabilia, will illuminate our entire tent littered with Black UV Lights by glowing in your neon scribbled ink. Along with becoming an artist, a writer, a comedian, and a walking record of the Sunshine Park experience, who’s to say you can’t become a professional dancer too? On Friday and Saturday night, we will have two different DJs playing the music you love to hear, hoping to see your best moves on the dance floor.

Everyone is invited to come out and party with us this weekend. All you need is a white T-shirt and some highlighters – but if you forget, we will be sure to have packages in stock with all the supplies you’ll need.

We hope to see you there, because darling, it wouldn’t be a party without you.



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