The People We Couldn’t Live Without

We all have those people in our lives, the people that we could never live without. These people help our world go round and we would be lost without them. Think about who your people are… parents? best friends? grandparents? pets? We all have one or two, and the lucky ones have many.

Luckily, Sunshine Park is filled with those people, and we can never thank them enough for what they do. We are so fortunate to have each and everyone of them.

We would like to thank our incredible staff. They work long hours in whatever weather to make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible. Sometimes, they may get a little grumpy, but after a quick nap, we know they will be back to the loving people they are. The main reason we all come back to Sunshine Park every year is because of these people. This is not just a place to work, it is a family. We bicker and get annoyed like any family living together for long periods of time, but we also love each other and would do anything for one another. We could never thank you guys enough for all the hard work you put in every weekend.

And then there is you. Yes, you are the most important people to us here at Sunshine Park. Without you, there would be no campground, no staff, and no family. You are the heart and soul of Sunshine Park and we would not be able to exist without you. So we thank you, for returning year after year, and for helping us make unforgettable summer memories together.

Because, Darling, it wouldn’t be a party without you.


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